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Chai in India is not only a beverage but an emotion. India is the largest producer and exporter of Tea. We at Cuppanord are proud to introduce Cuppachai with the authentic taste of Indian Masala Chai. Cuppachai can be your best friend in making your mornings hassle-free, and to help you uplift your mood on lazy mornings. If you are a chai lover then you should explore us and our Cuappachai and make your mornings easy to go with the flow!!!

Cuppadrip Drig bags

Discover a Spectrum of Tastes with Us

Cuppachai presents a wide spectrum of pleasing flavors to please every palate:

Why Cuppachai Should Be Your Choice?

The brewing mechanism for drip-bag coffee is straightforward. Users need to suspend the bag over a mug, introduce boiling water, and let the coffee percolate through the grounds, finally draining into the mug. This simple process yields a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee with negligible effort and clutter.

How to Cuppadrip bags

Cuppadrips is engineered to embody simplicity at its best. With just three easy steps, you can savor a cup of top-tier coffee.

This process is devoid of any complications or mess, demanding neither special apparatus nor proficiency. The beauty of Cuppadrips is that it brings the luxury of gourmet coffee within the reach of all – be it at your residence, office, or whilst journeying.

Initiate the transformation process for infusion

Venture into a realm of ease and taste with our Tea Infusions. Experience the genuine flavors of Masala Fusion, Cardamom Infusion, Lemon Delight, and Jaggery Essence, sans the fuss. Make your everyday tea ritual more streamlined and pleasurable with Cuppachai’s Chai Premixes.