"From Agricultural Field to Beverage:
A Journey Infused with Passion"

Experience the uniqueness and natural taste of Coffee straight from the Fjords with the touch and influence of Norwegian recipes. Cuppanord is on a journey to find a way from the heart of nature, straight to your soul. Enjoy a moment of tranquillity and savour the purity of nature, brilliantly sealed in each cup we present. Admire the skill and commitment invested in every cup, exclusively fashioned for you. Cuppanord epitomizes the seamless blend of enthusiasm and brilliance, delivering an unmatched experience.

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Introducing the sensational


We bring the aromatic and flavourful taste of Norway right to your doorstep with an aim to make India a coffee-dominant country.

Cuppanord meaning “cup from the north” is dedicated to making your coffee experience the greatest of all times. Our supreme quality coffee beans are sourced from across the globe to give you a blend of delicious coffee.

Brewed with the highest environmental sustainability standards, our team is dedicated to quality at every step of the process. Right from our drip bags to coffee pods, we ensure authentic flavour in every cup.

cuppanord taste of the fjords

Café Cuppanord


Making your day as special as your coffee!

premium coffee beans


authentic coffee flavour

Rich Flavour

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Convenient &

biodegradable coffee pod


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Inspired by
Norwegian Recipe

“Beverages for all With All Options”

Present to you the world of beverages with extensive options for all. Whether you crave a soothing tea, a strong or authentic coffee, or a refreshing drink, we’ve got you covered. Check out the options and savour your perfect sip, made especially for your taste Palette. Indulge in boundless possibilities, exclusively at Cuppanord.

Infusion of Norwegian Recipe with Indian Flavours

With a keen idea and inspiration of Norwegian recipes with Indian flavours, the coffee beans are thoroughly sorted & selected to provide you with the authentic taste of coffee. Our coffee & tea premixes are curated thoroughly with inspiration from Norwegian culture.

The Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic of Cuppanord is artfully married with vibrant Indian colours, creating a distinctive blend of cultures. Our journey is a tribute to cultural amalgamation, flavourful adventures, and resolute passion. Each cup we serve symbolizes the resilient connection between Norway and India, offering more than just a sip, but an exceptional experience.