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Experience the Elegance and Flavoursome taste of Cuppanord

Cuppanord: Taste of The Fjords

Introducing Cuppanord, the unveiled exclusive brand from Glocal View. Our objective is to deliver Cuppanord at your doorstep with quality and options. We are able to bring the taste of authentic Norwegian coffee from the heart of Norway. The exotic flavor was born under the glaciers which is a perfect blend of Taste, Nature, and Innovation.

The revered technique by which Cuppanord coffee is harvested and roasted is intrinsically balanced with nature, elegantly limiting our impact on the environment. In a thoughtful venture to sustain ecological equilibrium, we selectively harvest our coffee beans. This not only fosters the growth of the coffee plant but also results in superior-grade beans brimming with rich, nuanced tastes.

We Brew Our Love of the Fjords Into Every Cup

Cuppanord isn’t simply a coffee brand to us, it embodies our profound affection for the Fjords of Norway and the coffee we enthusiastically curate and produce. We act as a testament to our commitment to nature preservation and sustainability, While ensuring an unforgettable taste encounter. We aim to provide not just a routine coffee brewing process but also foster a deep emotional bond between the Fjords and our consumers.

Each batch from Cuppanord is an invitation to immerse in the unique taste of the Fjords. We want you to experience this epic journey of discovery and taste while showcasing our dedication to sustainability. We’re passionately committed to safeguarding the stunning beauty that has always motivated us.


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Our Establishment

Cuppanord, a subsidiary of Glocal View. Our prime focus has always been our clients’ satisfaction. Glocal View is dedicated to offering exclusive delicacies designed to enhance your experience.

Our passion for fine cuisine and a deep understanding of our clients’ preferences inspire us. This dynamic blend drives us to create innovative culinary experiences while maintaining uncompromised quality and uniqueness. Being part of Glocal View diverse range of offerings, Cuppanord proudly exemplifies our steadfast commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest of standards.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers is evident in the following ways:

Superior Quality: The quality of the product and customer satisfaction is our top-most priority.  

Client Assistance: The dedicated customer support squad is always on standby to assist with any queries, feedback, or help required. 

Honesty & Clarity: In all aspects of sourcing, production, and tracing the origins of our products, we maintain a clear, honest approach.

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Vineet Jain

Founder & CEO


Anshu Jain

Co-founder & CMO

Jyoti Bhardwaj AVP – HR & Operations

Manish Jain Chief Financial Officer

MS Nisar VP - Marketing & Sales

Afaq Siddiqui AVP - Institutional & Corporate Marketing
Priyam Pandey Bidding Manager

Gopal Sidhu Digital Marketing Manager

Rishabh Jain Market Analyst & Future Trends

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