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We might be your one-stop solution for all your Coffee Needs. Cuppanord is entitled to provide and fulfill your coffee craving. No matter what you are looking for, you need the coffee vending Machine on rent/Lease in Noida/ India, for office, school, college, home, travel, and many more Cuppavend has got it all.

Type of Coffee Machines:

Why Cuppavend?

How to use Coffee Vending Machine

  1. Select your preferred type of coffee.
  2. Choose your cup size, if the option is offered.
  3. Personalize your coffee, if customization options are present.
  4. Position your cup.
  5. Commence the brewing process.
  6. Patiently wait while your coffee is being prepared.
  7. Collect your brewed coffee.
  8. Savor your coffee.
  9. Dispose of any waste in a responsible manner.
Bean to cup machine - Best Coffee vending Machine

Bean to Cup Machines

Using the Bean to Cup Machine, grind your coffee to perfection. By grinding the coffee beans immediately before brewing, the freshest coffee is guaranteed.


  • Conical burr grinder
  • Programmable grind settings
  • Variety of brewing options
  • Big bean hopper.
coffee Vending machine Cuppavend

Brewed Machine

For those who yearn for the traditional filter coffee experience, there is the Brewed Machine. It produces a superb, well-balanced cup to get your day going.


  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Standard filter size
  • Programmed brew strength.
Pod Machines - Cuppanord

Pods Machines

Experience coffee at your convenience anytime & anywhere with the Pod Machine.
This machine is designed for effortless operation & convenience.


  • Compatible with a wide variety of coffee pods
  • One-touch operation
  • Small interior space requirement
  • Easily transportable.
coffee vending machine on rent

Recipe Machine

Make your life easy & hassle-free with Recipe Machine. Experiment with different combinations to make your individual soup, tea, or coffee blends.


  • Adjustable brewing parameters
  • Programmable flavour profiles
  • Digital recipe storage
  • User-friendly UI.
coffee vending machine on rent

Premix Machine

Get your much-loved tea or coffee promptly and at your convenience with the Premix Machine. This machine is ideal for individuals constantly on the move.


  • Fast heating system
  • Multiple beverage options
  • User-friendly controls
  • Space-saving design.
coffee vending machine on rent

Hot and cold Machine

The Hot and Cold Machine guarantees the quick heating or cooling of your drinks for that immediate
refreshing experience.


  • Features both heating and cooling functionalities
  • Temperature programmable settings
  • Speedy operation
  • Insulated container to maintain drink temperatures.
coffee vending machine on rent

Tea Brewed Machine

The Tea Brewed Machine makes it easy to prepare your tea, allowing for a comfortable and traditional brewed tea experience.


  • Adjustable steeping durations
  • Compatibility with multiple tea types
  • Tea strength customization options
  • Attractive design.

Frequently asked questions

If you're looking to buy a coffee vending machine on rent/Lease in Noida, there are a few steps you can take. Don't forget to compare features and prices to find the best deal. Also, it's important to ensure that the machine comes with a warranty and after-sales support for peace of mind.

Absolutely! If you're not ready to commit to buying a coffee vending machine, renting one is a great option. This allows you to have a cost-effective solution for short-term use or to try out different machines before making a final purchase decision.

You can rent a coffee vending machine in Noida for as low as ₹2,800, but prices may differ depending on what you're looking for. There's a wide selection available, catering to various budget requirements.